Whether you are looking for the best man’oucheh or the tastiest Lebanese bread in town, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bakeries in and around Beirut!

5- The Lebanese Bakery – Ashrafieh

The Lebanese Bakery is a small bakery located in Ashrafieh and offering traditional baked bread with a unique modern twist. The place is cosy and ideal for an authentic Lebanese breakfast. Follow the smell of the man’oucheh zaatar from the start of the Selim Bustros street in Tabaris and your nose will lead you straight to this lovely place!

Phone 00961 1 337 807

4- Zaatar w Zeit – Throughout Lebanon 🙂

Zaatar w Zeit needs no introductions. This modern Lebanese bakery has established itself throughout Lebanon and even in the region. Its unique man’ouches have become a trademark and a tradition for many young Lebanese who drop by the place for a (very) early breakfast right after the long night out!

Phone: 1523

3- Furn El Sabaya – Aamchit

Furn El Sabaya is north Lebanon’s little gem of a bakery. Nested on the beautiful coastal city of Aamchit, this gorgeous little bakery is run by sisters who really make you feel at home when you drop by. From the traditional man’oucheh zaatar to the tasty mwaraka bi sekkar, the ladies (sabaya) offer delicious and unique specialties that are not to be missed!

Phone: 00961 3 112 880

2- Furn El Saydeh – Mansourieh

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Furn El Saydeh is a personal favorite. This bakery is, without any doubt, the oldest bakery in this list and probably one of the oldest in Lebanon – if not the region. Established more than 250 years ago by the clergy of the Our Lady of Mansourieh church, it was then passed on to the Habib family who still owns the place. Furn El Saydeh was and still is – hands down – the bakery that produces the best sacramental bread in Lebanon. Their stone oven is still preserved from the 1760’s and bakes some of the tastiest dough in the country.

Phone: 00961 3 253 277

1- Furn Abou Fadel – Beit Mery

Furn Abou Fadel was Beit Mery’s best kept secret until many fellow bloggers revealed it and highlighted the delicious man’oucheh and specialties they offer. Forget every man’oucheh you’ve ever tasted and just try their delicious Zaatar, Cheese and Olive rolls. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Phone: 00961 4 872 429