Men’s most common dreams explained


Everybody dreams! But do you know that your dreams and your man’s dreams are not very random? In this article, we’re decoding “his” dreams and showing you how you can handle them!

 1-He dreamt he is late for an event:

He feels a little insecure about his position in life; or that everyone is going at a faster pace; reassure him that he is doing well and give him a confidence boost.

 2- He dreamt he was hit in the face:

He must be accounting for a risk in something he is doing; keep his spirits up and make sure he is motivated all along the way.

 3- He dreamt he is running but staying still at the same place:

He must be feeling that his efforts are going nowhere; help him rethink his plans without pressuring him.

 4- He dreamt he is falling:

He must be lacking some control over his life events at home or work; let him sort things out in clear schedules.

 5- He dreamt he is being chased:

It usually means he feels under pressure of responsibilities and time; just help him relax, he could be over-stressed.

 6- He dreamt he is having sex with an anonymous woman:

It could mean he wants to try these new things with “you”. Advice not needed here.

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Patricia I. Issa