What does it mean when you dream you’re naked?


Dreaming you are completely or partially naked is not an unusual dream, but what does it mean exactly?

In this type of dream, you are in a state of undress, partial undress, or inappropriate dress (for example wearing pajamas to work).

Occasionally you are the witness of another person who is naked while you are fully clothed. This is often accompanied by feelings of embarrassment and shame, but occasionally with the feeling of pride or freedom.

The meaning of this dream is that you are feeling exposed, awkward, or vulnerable, or you are afraid that you have revealed too much of yourself (such as a secret or a very personal feeling) in a real life situation.

It could be that you gave a lot of details about your private or personal life to someone you do not trust. It could also mean you are ready to reveal an important secret about yourself to someone who means a lot to you.

An interesting fact about this type of dream is that it occurs much more frequently in people who are involved in a wedding ceremony in their real life.