Alexander Wang for H&M in Beirut


Alexander Wang x H&M:The fashion world had been anticipating this collaboration since it was announced!

And among all the collaborations the giant retailer H&M had done so far, Alexander Wang X H&M took way too much media attention, probably due to its “sporty” nature and to the prominence of Alexander Wang on today’s fashion scene.

I was invited to privately preview the Alexander Wang x H&M collection today, a day before it hits the market, with some fashion insiders and the press.

In a quick roundup, let me tell you the following:

1- If you are the daredevil kind of person, this collection is definitely for you; it is an almost strictly sporty collection.

2- The collection is dark and shiny with a few white or light gray pieces, welcome to the dark size, we’re got cookies!

3- If you are a fan of high-shine and reflective fabric; you will not be able to take pictures in some of these pieces (they are so reflective they dull out everything around them, just check the pictures below).

4- Most pieces are very fashion forward, it will take you some guts to style them. I highly recommend you do not try to bring down their edginess.

5- Finally the collection was released to the public on Thursday November 6th 2014, so hurry up because it will disappear from the shelves in hours!

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