Cleopatra Fashion Reinvention with Brintha Gardner in Jean Fares Couture


Mrs. India America 2009, Brintha Gardner starred in an amazing photo shoot themed around Cleopatra wearing a stunning black sequin gown by Lebanese designer Jean Fares. Check out the pictures!

In honor of Brandy Reed, from Rockin Designs, Mrs. Brintha Gardner modeled in a traditional Cleopatra photo shoot. Mrs. Reed wanted Mrs. India America 2009 to star in this shoot but the local artist passed away before she could see Mrs. Brintha Gardner as Cleopatra.

Brintha Gardner as Cleopatra.
Brintha Gardner as Cleopatra. Timothy Williams/TimmyChu Studios

Upon seeing the pictures of this photo shoot Patty Kimble Reed, Brandy Reed’s mother, said : “”How honored she would be. She spoke of you numeral times. She loved all her models as she would put it, but a few she held dear to her heart. She was a kind, considerate, compassionate woman.”

Looking Proud.
Looking Proud like Cleopatra. Timothy Williams/TimmyChu Studios

“But there was a side that you would not want to cross, as her mother. Don’t mess with family and loved ones or else. She had a passion to be a hair stylist for a movie star. She had dreams and I loved her for that. I miss her terribly and it doesn’t get any easier cause she’s always on my mind,” the mother added.

Brintha Gardner in Jean Fares Couture
Brintha Gardner in Jean Fares Couture
Theme: Cleopatra Fashion Reinvention
Fashion Vision: Brett Michael Gardner
Photographer: Timothy Williams, TimmyChu Studios
Model: Brintha Gardner
Dress: Black Sequin Gown by Jean Fares Couture
Jewelry: Madeleine Vintage Choker Necklace by Brenda Smet, PrettyDuzz
Hair/Makeup/Headdress: Kimberley Noe, She’s A Nerd Designs
In honor of: Brandy Reed, Rockin Designs.