There are no limitations to the allure of a modern woman, nor any restraints that limits her charm. Such is the idea around which the House of Hanna Touma crafted its latest collection for Fall/Winter 2017-2018, endowing women with a sense of departure on a journey to an expanded horizon Entitled ‘’Escape’’.

The collection is personified by three different women who overstep the present with mesmerizing looks worthy of any occasion or circumstance, as it comprises both long and short dresses, ensembles, and evening gowns with add-on short jackets, all harmoniously spanning together uniqueness and allure as they step out of the ordinary. The collection also went on to champion pants in some of its looks.

Items of the collection have been individually conceived by the House of Hanna Touma in order to convey a sense of daring combined with one of delicateness overflowing with femininity. That was achieved through unique choices of fabric, for, in addition to chiffon and organza that pair so fluidly with the season, and that present a lady in feminine and chic attire, the fashion house also opted, throughout the collection, for the use of ‘’résille’’, a netted fabric of varied patterns that mirrors the audacity of the designs.

Particular passion for dresses is amplified by the noticeable patterns of embroidery and needlework. These didn’t conform to one single standard, but rather varied with the changing nature of the designs, thereby tracing diverse embroidery lines crafted to accommodate the form of each dress. Embroidery went on to include, as well, serpentine lines laid in zigzag patterns. Velvet was also introduced in some of the pieces, marking bold horizontal lines that permeate the fabric seamlessly in testament to utter expertise.

In addition to all that, some of the long evening dresses were adorned with an embroidered jacket that epitomizes haute chic, and that owes its sumptuous yet silky presence to the use of chainmail fabric.

The ‘’Escape’’ collection, presented by the House Hanna Touma, is marked by three main colors – black, white, and gold – which, in certain patterns, and when mixed together upon varying nuances, entice the collection with very much charm. Further use of captivating colors, including red, emerald green, and blue, adds to the magnetism of the elegant designs.