Exclusive : Romanian designer Dorin Negrau talks to Belle Beirut


Following the success of his first ever fashion show in Beirut, Romanian designer talked to BelleBeirut about this unique experience and about his work.

By Zeina Antonios

“The woman who wears my outfits is a small urban princess”

Dorin Negrau is one of the most successful contemporary romanian designers. He has taken part, last month, in the first romanian fashion show ever organized in Beirut, along with other Romanian designers such as Beba, Laura Olteanu, Clara Rotescu and Carla Brillanti. This show was organized by the Romanian embassy in Lebanon, in Beirut’s Phoenicia Hotel. Dorin Negrau was very pleased by the Lebanese public’s reactions and intends to come back to Lebanon to show off more of his designs.

Who is Dorin Negrau? How and when did he start working in fashion?

My passion towards fashion started during my college years as a Pharmacy major. I then developed it into my own business. At the moment, I have my own line of cosmetics and perfumes along with office and cocktail outfits, a knitwear line and a line of dresses and gala accessories. By graduating afterwards from an art and design school, I have learned to cut knack to work in an organized manner. I also think teamwork is very important especially while working with design houses in Italy.

You recently participated in a fashion show in Lebanon, along with other Romanian designers. A lot of Lebanese who have seen this show thought that Romanian fashion looks a lot like Lebanese. Do you agree?

I think that the fact that both companies are constantly looking for good quality makes them resemble. Lebanese and Romanian designers are also anchored in the fashion capital of Paris which provides a great deal of challenge.

Any projects of selling your creations in Lebanon or collaborating with local designers?
The fashion show we held in Beirut was the first contact I ever had with the Lebanese society and I can say it was a nice surprise. I think I will come back to Beirut and try to achieve some workshops with designers from Lebanon.

What are your main sources of inspiration? And what image do you want the woman wearing you designs to give?

My imagination takes off every time I feel the desire to offer something close to each customer’s personality. Therefore, I study each customer’s profile and try to make it fit with the season’s trends. Every time I design something new, I create a small urban princess anchored in a perpetual movement.

You have a very feminine shoe collection that you have also shown in Lebanon. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes! Thanks! Each collection of outfits has designed its own collection of shoes. Customers usually want comfortable and very feminine shoes that can be worn almost every day. I am constantly developing my line of shoes.

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