For the Love of Outstanding Details: Olga Nurek of Victoria Strange Couture


On the lookout for outstanding designers, we came across a line of Couture that was worth a stop, a long stop because the whole team fell for it!

Getting curious about a line of couture that’s all about fascinating delicate details; Belle Beirut is bringing you all about it!

Olga Nurek, is a couture designer from Kazakhstan who’s story with fashion started when she was only 8! As a little girl, she started sketching dresses; to follow up as a young lady in art school, where she focused on sketching dresses instead of the assigned objects. Moving to Dubai 12 years ago; Olga started Victoria Strange from her own home. With a wide range of socialites loving her designs; and after working with reputed designers as well as with America’s Next Top Model; it was time for this talented designer to move to her own design house with a full staff. Then voila; the “Victoria Strange Couture” line was officially born!

Olga’s designs are out of the world: Fashionable, eccentric, beautifully made and don’t even get us started on the fascinating quality of the details especially the baroque and embroideries. From the LBDs, to the bridal gowns passing by the night gowns; the designs have an aura of fairytales to them; making them at once fashionable and magical.

Olga will be soon in Lebanon dressing some of our favorite celebrities! We’ll be on the watch to bring it all on time!

We will leave you with the gallery; because describing high fashion is nothing like seeing it!

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Patricia I. Issa