Make a fashion statement!


Looking like the girl next door is quite easy… In fact, most of the ladies out there have a tendency to go with the flow, dress like “the rest” and stay down-toned! However, here at BelleBeirut, we are more for “Bold Fashion Statements”; those little but truly bold tricks that have a charmer’s capacity to turn heads and make you stand out!

We’re big fans of these 10 ways to make a statement; let us know if you would wear:

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1. Opt for one neon piece at odds with the rest of your outfit.

2. Your clutch and shoes no longer have to match, go for absolute contrasts.

3. Strong shoulder designs, high epaulettes, queeny shoulders –exaggeration is not even a limit anymore- make your shoulders give you a special royal stand.

4. Bold colored corset, say a blue cobalt or a grass green; it’s a guaranteed effect.

5. Large prints in strong colors, such as big bold houndstooths for your dresses and pants.

6. Studs and spikes are the day’s hottest trend, but not exactly for the faint hearted! Position them strategically in your outfit to make it pop: on your heels, shoulders, neckline, waist and wrists!

7. Florals! And no, not the tiny ones on pastel backgrounds; but the big bold colored ones on dark backgrounds. They are great on blazers pants and clutches; we would go for pants though.

8. Cuffs and big rings skull themes! Not so soft-themed but well … The bigger the better!! Golden, dark silver (that light silver is so avant-hier) or enameled and at odds with the rest of your colors is simply great to make your every move count.

9. Multicolored large printed scarves; over a neutral outfit and an intense cheerful colored blazer; always a great combination.

10. Finally your makeup & nails can make the statement; two trends of SS12 can carry the day: you either go extremely colored and cheerful; or a shocking absolute runway nude.

Do not go unnoticed; Beirut is such a catwalk, and the runway doesn’t wait for anyone!

Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa – @PatriciaIssa961