Algerian designer De’L Casbah has launched a beautiful new collection titled “Road to Casbah”, which is inspired by the traiditional outfit of Algiers.

« Road to Casbah » is the second collection from De’L Casbah. It is directly inspired by the beauty of the traditional outfit of Algiers and aspires to work as an invitation to come and explore the North African culture.
That collection was designed to send a 1970’s vibe, one that has modern volumes and vibrant colors, but the fabrics and techniques of embroideries keep a traditional Algerian feature.

Road to Casbah by De’L Casbah

The aim was also to appeal to women with an acquired taste in North African & Arabic culture, women who love to reflect on who they are by wearing outfits that are representative of their identity and heritage, women that love fashion, style, and trends and want to wear something rather unique.

A colorful and vibrant new collection by De’L Casbah.

Born in Algeria, raised in France, and based in Spain, Lydia-Nourya incarnates the ideal blend of culture and universalism. Having lived in Algiers, France, London, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Valencia, Lydia-Nourya fully embodies the character of a twenty first century nomad. Highly dynamic, and immensely curious in nature, she started with a career in International Business which took her to Spain and London, then New York City.

A unique style!

Her passion and yearning for fashion came to her calling, as she decided to leave the international business world to study fashion design in Barcelona, Spain. As she graduated, she soon set sail to Amsterdam where she interned in Haute Couture Atelier. After accumulating the experience necessary and the know how to go with it, the De’L Casbah project came to be. A project in which east and west can finally blend in an artful, fashionable way. The Neo Traditional style.