SS12 Trends in your own closet!


Ladies, we all watch fashion shows, read fashion magazines, follow up on famous fashion bloggers and checkout Belle Beirut to see what’s hot on the catwalk lately!

But the biggest problem remains: What can I exactly buy out of all these trends? Should I be totally revamping my closet this SS12? How can I have a bite of all this hot fashion without spending a fortune or buying every single item of every line of fads?

In this article, Belle Beirut will show you the way through this spring/summer’s hottest trends and point out the must-haves to keep you closet all stylish and fashion-forward.

The hot trends of SS12 are mainly: metallics (non-color specific, but gold is still big), lace, color blocking, sequins, pastels (especially lilac), mono-patterns, neons, sheer impressions and florals.

And when it comes to the colors going big, here’s a list from the Paris Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week: white and sheer, pastels especially lilac, metallics especially gold, neons noticeably fuchsia and green, banana yellow, cobalt blue, tangerine and of course navy blue is the new black!

Now the way to transfer these hot trends to your closet passes by picking one or two items of each line to add them to your existing wardrobe! And, it’s a new hot fashionable closet!

Here’s how you do it with every trend:


Get a thick belt, cuffs and a bold necklace in gold a la Maya Diab, enough to make any outfit pop!


Nothing is sexier than a curve hugging lace dress, a black one on sheer satin for the night, and a light white one for the day events! Lace also looks great on pumps, when the lace is real not printed, on a pink or sheer satin background!

 Color Blocking:

This is where I would definitely recommend intense block colored blazers!! A yellow, cobalt blue or a tangerine blazer will make any simple jeans and top combination pop-up! Just avoid the light green or turquoise blazers, you don’t want to end up looking like hotel staff!


Sequin clutches and sequin tops are very déjà-vu! Go for a sequined bolero or an intense colored all-sequined dress instead! And keep the accessories simple!


This trend looks great on jackets and dresses, however this is also very déjà-vu! Therefore get bold and hit the market looking for your houndstooth, leopard, or snake patterned pants or shorts!


These beautiful light colors look the greatest around the face! Therefore, it’s your year for pastel tops, blouses and scarves! A good investment would be a light multicolored pastel scarf in silk and a few light pastel tops!


These “look-at-me” colors are great to accessorize with! So get bold and buy a neon-yellow or a neon-fuchsia combo of a pointed platform pump and box clutch!

 Floral Patterns:

Floral patterns this year are big and bold, so not like the old nail-sized patterns! The best of them are those in intense colors on black backgrounds. They simply look great on wedges, oversized bags or totes and definitely black pants!

 Sheer Impressions:

These are eternal classics! There is nothing that doesn’t look good in a nude color! And it is truly hard to recommend a single item; but I would go for a sky-high heeled pump and a studded clutch! I would add to that a satin top!

Voila! You’re all ready to welcome the hot weather fashionably!

Glamorously Yours,
Patricia I. Issa