The runway trends of Fall-Winter 2013


Belle Beirut went over the various reports, runway trends and fashion buyers’ opinions in order to bring you the main trends of the coming FW13!

Fall 2012 is almost knocking our doors, and before we know it, we will be styling Winter 2013! Without much introductions, this is what you will be wearing in FW13:

• Ankle cropped leather trouser: Gucci said yes! Not too long, comfortable and practical.
• Biker leather jackets: We know you all love them, and in FW13, they’re in every single shade.
• Wedges: Comfort is embracing the runways this fall and winter!s
• Versus shape form dress: Herve Leger set the trend, most other houses followed.
• Peplum and flare: Still in for most 2013!
• Colored leather leggings: A variation from the leather pants!
• A perfect knee high boot: Or more … We recommend shades of gray this season.
• Exit shoe: The kind of heels / soles that will make people check you out while you’re leaving. Back detailing or sole detailing is in.
• Statement collar: Collars are here to stay for a while.
• Head to toe patterns: Miu Miu influence, you’ll be in one pattern head to toe.
• All rounder dresses: Herve Leger influence again, with dresses that can be worn for almost everything.
• Winter pastels: Seems this year you won’t be leaving pastels behind while summer is ending.
• Bordeaux shades: Dolce & Gabbana say YES! Bordeaux is back to rule the runway.
• Opulence, brocade, velvet, ambroidery: Again the influence of D&G; this year’s fabrics are very rich and decadent.
• Dark reds and deep blues: Not exactly in harmony, but both dominant shades of the year.
• Pant suit back to the fore: Miu Miu statement, take out your business suits, you will need them.