Your Avant-Garde Fall – Winter 2013 Colors’ Guide


Fall is approaching! We’re not trying to kill the rest of the summer thrill; but it’s about time to start thinking of your fall wardrobe!

The color palette of fall-winter 2013 is surprisingly very wide; and still contains a lot of 2012 colors allowing most of us to keep our star items in place!

Below is a short report of your 2013 colors as well as galleries demonstrating each palette:

For women:

As you can see in the Women’s gallery, gray shades are imposing with their perfect complimentary shades of crimson and light pink. Blue and golden are there in different shades, while green is more earthy than grass. Silver grey and cobalt blue are starring. Some vivid colors will not disappear, we’ll mention green, hot pink, baby blue and violet. Shimmering gold, shiny olive contrasted with different shades of pink are the luxury colors of the season.


Lingerie colors for this fall-winter are not as intense as before, perfectly downtoned; cuts are emphasized instead.

For men:

When it comes to the men’s palette, in fall-winter 2013 gentlemen are stuck in a more limited palette of earthy and sky colors. Least a few introductions of crimson, gold, and cobalt.

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Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa