Glam in the city!

Beirut… You know it, I know it… This city is just one huge catwalk! From the airport to Beirut Souks and everything in between, you just can’t get away with a bad hair day or a lazy glam mood! But would you want it anyway? Here’s 12 reasons to wake up every day & work on being glamorous & fashionable for yourself and for the city… yeah Beirut!
1. Looking glam in the morning will give you a boost of confidence to last you for the whole day. But of course you’ll have to lightly maintain it!
2. Research suggests that people are naturally drawn to communicate with elegant and better looking people… In short, everyone will want to talk to you! Fashion and glam add a good dose to a person’s natural charisma allowing them to command more attention – You will be thinking: What kind of sorcery is this!
3. A hint of charm: Do I really need to explain that? You will notice it through the people’s reaction to you in public. And yes, this is sneaky… But glam people do get A-class treatment in shops, restaurants and other places.
4. Beauty is power… I need not go further, refer to #3! But you will definitely find it easier to get people to do things for you!
5. Beauty is social power too… As shallow as it sounds, it is true, because people want to hang out and be seen with beautiful Glam people, especially around Beirut’s IT places!
6. Being dressed up fashionably will naturally compel you to walk correctly to parade your looks. Beirut now is your new catwalk!
7. An instant upscale in manners, back and forth! Have you ever noticed how you naturally start to behave more like a lady (or a glam girl) when you look like one? –I rest my case-
8. The opportunities: Well … “ok”. Sounds unfair? That’s because it is!! Companies do tend to hire more attractive people when qualifications are met. Party photographers do focus on glam people more than the rest and well … Society’s reaction to glam & fashionable people is just full of favoritism …
9. Men! No need to elaborate …
10. Fun! Well… Besides all its effects, the world of fashion and glamour is simply fun. Getting to change frequently… To experience with new fashions and to see yourself moving from a fashionable style to another is simply enjoyable … Overwhelming in the beginning, then it starts coming off naturally, especially when accompanied with the glam shopping trips in Beirut souks, Verdun, Achrafieh, Kaslik and different malls!
11. Self-satisfaction …. And I cannot start on the boost in your inner self-satisfaction and pride you will feel when you see yourself stepping into the exclusive Lebanese glam-lane and enjoying all the privileges it presents!
12. Finally… Because it’s Beirut! It is a glam city, a fashion capital and a huge catwalk! You either join it or get crushed by it!
I strongly believe that every lady in Beirut and the world, deserves to be her best and look her best. Every lady needs to invest some “me” time in making her outside as beautiful as her inside and in mirroring the beauty inside in high definition!
So get rid of the laziness, of the defeated attitude, and start believing that no matter how you look, you can still look more beautiful, glamorous, fashionable and stylish!
BelleBeirut team and I, your new fashion and beauty consultant, will be guiding you through the Glam Lane step by step, offering you series of fashion coaching articles, fashion reports, advice columns, interactive Q&A sessions, fashion offerings, contests, interviews, fashion events, live chats and a whole range of fashion/beauty/glam centered activities!
So tune in!
Your brand new fashion editor and consultant – Patricia Issa
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