7 steps to become a Fashion Avant-Gardiste


Being a trend-setter is the job of the socialites, starts and celebrities. But we can still be fashion avant-gardistes! Always fashion forward, innovators and on top of the fashion game!! It is one great way to stand out from the crowd and develop your own signature.

Here’s how you can do it:

 1- Trying odd items

Dare to try the odd item as it hits the market in small introductions before it becomes the trend. You will be able to spot it as single items within collections; which will become the focus of the next collection.

 2- Unusual mixes

Dare to mix naturally odd items, remember that odd is only odd because we’ve been seeing in differently for so long. Think of color blocking, it is only lately that we started accepting it, not only as the current trend; but also as aesthetically acceptable.

 3- Changing styles

Becoming an avant gardiste will always pass by giving up your style; better yet, do not stick to a style to start with. It is all about trying out different styles and mixing among eccentrically contradicting styles.

 4- Trend Setting

Trend setting, and avant garde fashion necessarily ignore the season and the weather. Boots in summer, light cotton dresses in winter and so on is yet another signature of avant-gardistes.

 5- Predict colors

Stay abreast the developments in the color palettes relying on resources that was forecast colors for years to come. Here’s a good source: www.pantone.com

 6- Follow Fashion reports

Stay tuned for forward fashion reports from renowned fashion buyers. These people play a huge role deciding what boutiques are going to display for the next two-three seasons to come. For instance if you are in Middle East “Alanoud Badr” is a good source.

 7- Be inspired by celebrities

And the all times most important advice, be inspired by stars and celebrities; but do not try to imitate a full style. There’s nothing less avant-garde fashionably than a copy cat.

We’ll leave you to it with a gallery of some celebrities displaying avant-garde fashion before it was even cool!

Glamorously Yours;
Patricia I. Issa