Rules of Glam: keep your closet fashionably neat


It is that time of the year again! You need all last Summer’s swimwear, summer dresses, tiny party dresses and sandals; but since you already shopped for some new ones, your closet is in a huge mess, and you cannot find anything you want … You don’t know what you already have is more like it!

Belle Beirut is putting on the sweats and getting down to help you with your seasonal wardrobe cleanup; here are our favorite tips:

 “I might use it one day, ‘Haram’ let me keep it”:

If you find yourself saying this about any fashion piece you own; then you know deep inside that you will never wear it again, but still reluctant to send it away; but please do, we all know you will never use it.

 “A few sizes down and I will wear this again”:

No you won’t! And unless it is less than 5 kilos away, we say you better get rid of it. There will be more fashion in the market for you to shop for by that time.

 “I don’t really like it, but maybe if I can pair it up with something nice”:

You don’t like it? TOSS IT AWAY! Thank you.

 “I wasn’t sure about it when I bought it, but it was a good deal”:

Get rid of it, for you didn’t like it in the beginning, you won’t like it in a million years. Fashion choices need 10 seconds to resolve.

 “The color or pattern is a little odd”:

Keep it, fashion today is all about odd colors and patterns!

 “It’s very vintage”:

Keep it, we are witnessing huge come backs!! And for you 90s’ babies, know that the decade is in line waiting to be revived *wink wink*

 “It needs to be fixed”:

PLEASE FIX IT!!! We all have these fabulous pieces in need of a stitch or a button; do not get lazy about it especially when it’s a favorite classic or a versatile piece; do it NOW!

 “It matches nothing I have”:

And according to today’s trend, it doesn’t have to; so if this is the only reason, keep it.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the clothes or shoes you no longer need, are badly needed by some: Donate do not throw away!

Glamorously Yours,
Patricia I. Issa