Sexy vs Trashy: The fine line


Ladies, we all have seen these desperate attempts to look sexy that end up more on the over-done side of style. Getting caught in a few delicate details can cause us to cross the line, and end up losing the classy edge.

Sexy v/s trashy is a fine line to walk, and in the following guidelines, we’ll teach you exactly that!

 1. Extreme Platforms

If you own shoes with a 4+ cm platform, make sure you pair it up with conservative clothing. Such heels should never come with revealing clothes.

 2. Short skirts:

If your skirt is anything above mid-thigh, make sure you pair it up with a covered-up-enough top or else a top that’s an open-back instead of a revealing front.

 3. Tiny shorts:

In order to keep them classy, avoid tube tops and lace; pair them up with 3/4 or long sleeves with edgy shoulders’ detailing.

 4. Tight v/s short:

Always let your dresses be on one of the two sides, tight or short. The combination might not necessarily end up classy.

 5. Open back tops or dresses

If the full back is exposed, let that be the only focus point of your outfit. This style is better displayed in a knee length dress and/or an open-back top with jeans/pants.

 6. Lace:

The sexiest yet classiest way to wear lace is to restrict it to minimum skin space; lace is better worn in sleeves, back and waist sides. Full lace pieces can be, but are not necessarily always on the classy side of sexy.

 7. Leather:

Definitely one of the sexiest trends out there, leather is not to be over-done. Leather is sexiest and most classy in figure-fit jackets with high-defined shoulders. Leather pants and leather dresses are classier when they are combined with other material; and a full leather style might be on the sexy list but definitely not on the classy one.

Patricia I. Issa
Fashion Editor
Belle Beirut Team