Step out of the Mirror: It’s time to prep-up your fashion sense!


Sun is up, it’s hot outside, everyone is chilling at Zeytouna Bay, all rooftops are having their openings, Beirut is on fire and you’re really really really bored with the same look you’ve been carrying along since senior year!

Being stuck in one look, is like being stuck in time; worse yet, it’s like being stuck in the mirror! You might be changing your clothes, your colors, but you’re still going along the same lines! You be more or less “fashionable” but you’re keeping your grounds. Grounds? What grounds? You shouldn’t be having any anyway if you are to step into the glam lane *wink*

We’ve got some ideas for you; ideas that might shake your fashion grounds a little, but will surely help you stepping out of your mirror! And let’s start from top to toe!

1- Your Hair:

A little to the “way too long” side, very a-la-Libanaise like most of them I’d say?? And most of the time straight “lisses” or “wavy”?? Oh how creative I must say!! *Where are these scissors?* Get a cut!! Middle length is always fresh; get a bang; get an asymmetrical bang; cut it all asymmetrical!! When it comes to the color, go a few shades lighter or darker and remember that highlights are so yesterday, so opt for low lights.

2- French Nails are so last decade!

You’d think they’re all practical and pass-partout, but in fact that’s all they are: “partout”. Nude is the new French, that, if you absolutely “must” be downtoned at the office. If not, I’d say go bold!! Shades, introductions of a couple of contrasting colors, designs, and bold colors! Did I mention your nails don’t have to be perfect with every single outfit?? People know that you can’t change them everyday.

3- Your Makeup doesn’t have to show you have long lashes and mega-apple cheeks.

Most people do know of the existence of blushers and fake lashes. By day, the trend is nude; very nude in fact, that even blushers are either golden or shimmery light pinks. By night, feel free to go bold; just don’t do the following: triple eyeshadows, all-eye liners and strongly colored cheeks. As dreadful as this sounds, the trend is towards wearing a face over your makeup.

4- Go for some odd colors

Your Wardrobe will most probably need some statement pieces or some odd introductions; for you are most probably “fashionable” but not exactly “fashion forward”. Go for some odd colors, it’s okay to blend some colors that are not supposed to mesh at all, the days of the straight cuts between the lines of black and lines of brown are long past. Symmetry is dead. Over all monochromes are out, over all bold prints are in. And please, no more perfect matching between your heels, belt, clutch and accessories … So 1990s.

5- Your Accessories no longer need to be simple

Most importantly, they don’t all have to match, the only exception persisting is that of mixing up metallics. Platinum is out, dark silver is in. Light yellow gold is out, dark yellow gold is in. Pink gold is big, black and other colors are also making it big. Soft designs are out; unless it is a personal statement piece. Bold is the way to go!! And full sets are very out of the loop! Opt instead for a couple of strong statement pieces. Hair accessories, and belts are a little eccentric too, so get rid of your classical leather ones!

6- And here’s our favorite part, your “Shoes’ Closet” !

Rule number one in this respect, you should no longer attempt to perfectly match your pair of heels to your clutch, accessories or even outfit. Bold colors here too are in! Green heels paired with an all black outfit, pink heels with a leopard dress and such combinations are the IT! Remember that odd shaped thick heels, multi-colored shoes and statement platforms are carrying the day.

Finally, the last thing to revamp would be your attitude!! From fashion follower to an avant-guard fashionista who breaks all the rules; and doesn’t exactly care for what people think because she knows that “ultimately they’ll follow”!

Glamorously yours,
Patricia I. Issa