4 easy tips to keep your handbag clean


After all facts about bacteria, you should think how to prevent it, right? It’s easier than you think. If you pay attention to 4 simple hygiene tips you can really decrease your chances to have a contaminated handbag!

Clean it with wipes
1. To make sure your handbags are clean, first wash your hands, then wipe the handbags with alcohol free wipes that can be easily found at any pharmacy. From time to time, empty your purse and shake it to get the larger pieces of dirt, after use a brush or lint roller to grab the most resistant crumbs.

Protect the bag
2. Careful where you place your bag! Avoid contaminating it by leaving it on the floor (specially bathroom floors!). And when storing the bag, make sure you place them in the dust bag they came or in a pillowcase, so you can protect the bag and avoid cross contamination.

Wash your hands
3. Pay extra attention to clean your hand before grab things on your handbag, wash or disinfect your hands and then touch the interior, specially if you been touching different surfaces or coming from public places like trains, buses and so.

Use baking soda sachets
4. If you want to make it extra tidy, you can make baking soda sachets and keep in your handbag to get rid of any unpleasant odour.