8 reasons you should love Yoga!


While you don’t need to undergo your session with a naked trainer as Kim Kardashian did, you’ll certainly want to take a shot at this deep-rooted method of meditation increasing in popularity in the fast paced lifestyle.

Whether you consider taking classes at the Gym, at specific centers, or with a private trainer, you’ll be grateful for the positive vibes energizing you more and more as you advance. The trend now for CEOs in the West is to practice Yoga and refresh before heading to the office. Why is that so? Let’s have a glimpse.

So prepare your green tea and schedule a well-deserved massage followed by a yoga session before we break into the realms of countless benefits!

 1- Relaxation:

Well-being, bliss, self-acceptance, self-actualization, need to say more?

 2-Balance, Flexibility and Improved Posture:

Anything sexier than a woman totally free and elegantly in control of her body moves?

 3- Improved Concentration, Memory, and Learning Skills:

If you don’t have time for yoga, try to consider how much time yoga will save you upon developing your mental abilities!

 4- Biochemical Benefits:

Yes believe it or not, studies reveal that yoga can adjust your glucose, sodium, cholesterol, hemoglobin, total serum protein, cardiovascular efficiency, blood pressure and endocrine function, amongst many others!

 5- Breathing Ability:

You’ll be surprised to know that in a normal state we are using only as little as around 5% of our respiratory system. Time to breathe correctly! To note that it’s very helpful for Asthma cases.

 6- Endurance:

To survive yoga you need ample strength of will. It does pay off within your overall character!

 7- Sleep Improvement:

In case you were taking pills to sleep, you need to consider a very healthy alternative and get yourself ready for restful nights, and it goes without saying, healthier skin!

 8- And here it comes: Weight Management!

Sluggish glands are stimulated particularly the thyroid gland connected with body metabolism. Fat metabolism is similarly augmented, converting fat to muscle and energy. Furthermore, we are all aware of how relaxed state of mind = Less anxious eating!

So go for yoga now, and don’t hesitate to ask your coach about the suitable postures and yoga path for you, especially if you have a certain medical condition. And let us hear from you!

By Soha Assi
@Soha Assi