Crash Diet: How to lose 6 to 8 kilos in 20 days


Google couldn’t be more loaded with crash diets, but as the name suggests, you will be crashing your body into an unhealthy mode of being and a definite regain of the weight later on.

Belle Beirut searched some more and brought you this crash diet that’s actually healthy, loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals and actually works!

Nature of Diet:

Based on protein, vitamins, minerals and water.


14 to 20 days (Depending on how much weight you want to lose 5 to 8 kilos expected)


• For your breakfast, choose among: 2 medium sized fruits with a coffee, 2 cracottes + 1 boiled egg, or a skimmed milk lattee.
• For your lunch: 150 grams of chicken, meat or fish (grilled of course) with some green vegetables (flavored with lime and salt only) and carrots (a maximum of 2 carrots since it has natural sugars in it)
• For your snacks: All sorts of calorie free drinks are allowed, beware of abusing caffeine tough.
• For your dinner: Repeat lunch but with 120 grams of meat / chicken / fish instead.

Golden Rules:

• Drink 2 liters of water a day to further metabolism.
• Take a multivitamin pill once a day (with your breakfast) because it’s a low calories diet that might not provide you with all the essentials you need.
• Try to use a variety of vegetables with your lunch/dinner to cover for your minerals and vitamins.
• Try to cut down on caffeine throughout this diet so you don’t end up losing much water.


• This is a somewhat healthy crash diet, not to be done beyond 20 days.
• If you are within a period of intense physical activity or work, it is not recommended you crash diet, for it might be lower your energy levels.
• Only a healthy diet will be able to maintain the weight off after such a crash diet.

Good luck everyone!
Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team