Here are the Lebanese dishes you can eat on a diet


Renowned Lebanese dietitian and nutritionist Mirna El Murr talks to BelleBeirut about the Lebanese dishes you can eat on a diet.

Lebanese cuisine is without a doubt one of the richest and most diverse cuisines in the world. But not all of its dishes are recommended or convenient when you are planning on losing fat.

Whether for breakfast or dinner (lunch is a different story), here are Mirna El Murr‘s recommendations.

From the famous man’oucheh, to the mouthwatering knefeh… Lebanese cuisine offers a delicious selection of food for breakfasts, but which typical Lebanese breakfast would be the most convenient for someone who is on a healthy diet?

I would recommend a bowl of non-fat Labneh or 3-4 boiled egg-whites, along with some cucumber slices, a tomato, 5-6 olives with medium-sized Arabic brown bread.

Mouthwatering #Zaatar rolls from Forn Fadel in Beit Mery.

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The man’oucheh zaatar is a big no-no when you are on a diet!

For dinner, Lebanese have a tendency of overdoing it, so what would be the best dish before one goes to sleep?

Dinner can be tricky, especially if you are out with your friends at a Lebanese restaurant. So I would go for a grilled fish fillet, with a small-sized grilled potato and a big bowl of Tabbouleh (with one tablespoon of olive oil and preferably without bulgur).