How the LG Signature Air Purifier can change your life


In a world where clean air has become a necessity for the good health of individuals, LG has come up with an innovative product designed to answer to consumers’ needs.

By definition, an air purifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a room. This revolutionary device first appeared in 1963 when Mansfred and Klaus Hammes developed an air filtration system that greatly improved air quality in homes in Germany.

However, the biggest leap in air cleaning technology came with the invention of the HEPA air filter. From thereon, these devices continued to evolve and help households in fighting the never-ending components that pollute the air we breathe today.

From dust to pet dander, from allergens to smoke particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)… humans and their long are today at greater risk. With this in mind, the engineers over at LG used forward-thinking to customize this device and come up with the innovative LG Signature Air Purifier.

“The design of the LG Signature Air Purifier is as sleek and modern as its companion product. Visually experience the air being cleaned through the transparent cover […] intuitive controls and the easy read gradually change from red to blue as indoor air quality improve. The Aqua Cyclone feature quickly humidifies the air and eliminates harmful particles with the help of water,” said a representative of LG during the introduction of the LG Signature Air Purifier at CES 2016. He added: “It is also equipped with an innovative semi-permanent filter. You can remove it, wash it and re-use it for 10 years”.

These great features, among many others, make the presence of an LG Signature Air Purifier in every Lebanese home a must, especially with the country’s ongoing garbage crisis. This trendsetting product from thought leaders in the field of stylish and efficient consumer electronic products will certainly improve the quality of life and health of the people living in the same house.

Indeed, by using LG’s new Air Purifier, Lebanese households can ensure a healthy and disease-free life for themselves and their children. This is achieved through the device’s ability to prevent exposure to various components such as VOCs, and the capturing of yet a greater number of bacterial, virus, and DNA damaging particulates.

With the launch of LG’s flagship Signature line, intended for people “who want to live an extraordinary life”, the Korean Electronics Giant follows consumer trends and provides products with mass appeal thanks to the personalization and customization of regular electronics into amazing innovative products.