Living with Diabetes? Here’s how Eucerin can keep your skin healthy!


Living with diabetes requires special care, and a relatively unknown side effect is that skin irritations are quite frequent in diabetics: four out of five people will be bothered by dry and itchy skin.

In fact, skin sensitivity and irritation can be one of the first signs that a person has diabetes.

Why does this happen?

Diabetic skin cannot restore moisture like healthy skin and thus gets dry and can crack more easily – especially the feet. Increased blood sugar levels can cause damaged nerves and result in a loss of feeling. In this case, you may not be able to notice injuries and simple cuts can lead to serious skin problems. This is why your feet need extra daily care!


Diabetes causes elevated blood sugar which affects small nerves and vessels as well as sweat glands. Therefore, the perspiration of your skin is reduced, which normally helps to keep your skin soft and moist.

To keep your skin moist and healthy you should look after it carefully and when suffering from Diabetes, skin care is more than just cosmetic. This is why products such as Eucerin has developed clinically proven formulations that actively restore moisture even to extremely dry, cracked, flaky skin caused by diabetes. The Eucerin Dry Skin formula, exclusively available in pharmacies, replenishes natural moisturizing factors such as Urea and Lactate as well as skin-related lipids. So your outer protective shield is less susceptible to irritations and further skin problems.

Recent studies have shown that the number of diabetic patients in the Middle East is going to rise by +280%.
Recent studies have shown that the number of diabetic patients in the Middle East is going to rise by +280%.

Eucerin Dry Skin products recommended for diabetics to help ensure soft and visibly smooth skin include the Complete Repair Intensive Lotion 10% Urea and Intensive Foot Cream 10% Urea that is clinically proven to help heal rough, cracked heels in just two weeks.

In addition to using Eucerin’s Dry Skin products it is essential to have a good daily cleansing and moisturizing routine. Here are some tips that Eucerin recommends on how you can do this:

Living with Diabetes? Use Eucerin!
Living with Diabetes? Use Eucerin!

Tips for diabetic skin care:

• Keep your skin moist and wash with a mild soap
• Use a moisturizing body care product, especially suitable for diabetic skin
• Drink lots of fluids and water to keep your skin healthy, moist and smooth
• Check your skin regularly and talk to the doctor about any skin issues

Tips for foot care:

• Inspection – You should check your feet for cuts, sores, red spots, swelling and infected toenails
• Corns & hornification- Let the specialist, e.g. podiatrist, take care of it
• Shoes -Proper foot attire helps to keep your feet healthy and comfortable
• Dry your feet after the shower and carefully in between your toes.
• To avoid possible injuries, don’t stay barefoot

Well-hydrated, healthy skin is your best defense against skin complications in diabetes!

Eucerin is sold exclusively at leading pharmacies.