Photo Therapy: Talika introduces a breakthrough skin therapy


Inspired by NASA researches, TALIKA made a breakthrough discovery about the benefits of light when applied on the skin. From to this technology breakthrough, Talika launched its first cosmetic revolution with its special, clinically proven devices named Photo Therapy.

The benefits of light for the skin are infinite: collagen stimulation; wrinkles, pigmentation, and cellulite reduction; and regulation of sebum production. The success is immediate and resounding among both professionals and consumers. TALIKA, a pioneer in light therapy, has unveiled three new revolutionary devices.

Time Control®
TALIKA launched its first anti-aging cosmetic instrument to specifically target the fragile area around the eyes inspired by patented aerospace research. This patented device emits two wavelengths that are perfectly suited to the regeneration of the area around the eyes, with an ionotherapy function designed to enhance the effectiveness of the Eye Quintessence®, traditionally applied to that zone. Day after day, the look is rejuvenated (92%)*, the skin regains its tone (100%), wrinkles are smoothed out (83%), while dark circles (77%) and puffiness (62%) disappear.
The first results can be seen by the naked eye after just 14 days!
*Satisfaction survey – 13 volunteers – 28 days – % expressed

Free Skin®
TALIKA launched its first light therapy cosmetic instrument to specifically target imperfections, excess of sebum, and redness locally in order to reduce their appearance and speed up their disappearance. This patented device emits two wavelengths that are perfectly suited to combat these defects, which are specific to oily skin with imperfections. Free skin® quickly restores the skin’s health, as early as seven days into the treatment (less-visible imperfections: 78%*). Shiny skin (-14%) and red patches (-27%) lose ground, while the complexion becomes matter, clearer, and more even. The skin feels free!
*Use test – 37 volunteers- % satisfaction

Pigment Control®
TALIKA launched its first anti-dark spot cosmetic instrument to specifically target skin spots locally. This patented device combines the emission of a wavelength across an action area that is adjusted to target dark spots. After 30 days, Pigment Control’s® ultra-targeted action quickly takes back control over dark spots (- 44%)* on the face, hands, and neckline. Day after day, unsightly shading disappears and the face lights up.
*Clinical test – 30 volunteers – average 27% for 10 volunteers with once daily – 2 minutes session at 525 nm