Byblos Bank Introduces Azka Banking


Byblos Bank announced the introduction of Azka Banking, a full spread of smart and secure e-banking services designed to offer clients optimal convenience and satisfaction and make it easier and much faster for them to have their banking transactions done anytime anywhere they might be.

“While Azka Banking helps clients gain time and more control over their finances, it will help our personal bankers to be more focused on providing them with quality advisory services. This is of utmost importance for us to improve customer experience”, said Mr. Gilbert Zouein, Assistant General Manager and Head of Group Products, Segments and Marketing at Byblos Bank Group. He added “Azka Banking gives Byblos Bank customers more control than ever by putting into their hands more tools and features such as the Bank’s Mobile Banking application, its network of Smart ATMs, Internet Banking platform, and the fully fledged E-branches.”

By downloading the Byblos Bank Mobile Banking application through App Store or Google Play, clients are provided with a virtual banking experience that enables them to access and check their private and/or joint accounts; settle their loan bill and card payments; transfer funds between their accounts, be it private or joint; locate any of the Bank’s branches or ATMs; request checkbooks; and proceed to check and submit an application for one or more of the whole range of the Bank’s products that include accounts, cards, loans and Bancassurance products. With such a mobile banking application, Byblos Bank customers will turn their smartphones into a globetrotting secure banking tool.

Mr. Zouein noted that “Byblos Bank ATM Network has long been one of Lebanon’s most extensive, giving customers surer access to cash at safe and secure locations in virtually every corner of the country. To fit its overall Azka Banking approach, the Bank has upgraded its network through introducing Smart ATMs.” Technologically enhanced ATMs, or Smart ATMs, allow customers to deposit cash and cheques 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and benefit from real-world advantages such as zero commissions, preferential value dates (one-day value) on cash deposits, and the ability to deposit up to 30 cheques per transaction with no limit on the number of transactions in a single day. Corporate clients have also their share of the benefit: they can use their Byblos Bank company deposit cards to deposit cash and cheques straight into their company’s current account.

Byblos Bank’s Azka Banking also offers E-branches, which incorporate the Bank’s Smart ATMs and Internet Banking into one platform. This allows clients the usage of both services in just “one-stop shop” solution.

With these e-banking services provided by Azka Banking, Byblos Bank confirms its forward position in the Lebanese banking industry and in the field of advanced and modern retail banking solutions.