Eclair au chocolat recipe


Here is the mouth watering recipe of the famous “Eclair au chocolat”, enjoy it!

1- How to make Pate a Choux?

120 g of whole milk
120 g of water
Pinch of salt (4 grams)
Two pinches of sugar (10 grams)
110 grams of butter
130 grams of flour
250 grams of eggs (almost medium sized 5 eggs)

Add the water, milk, butter, salt and sugar in a cooking pot and place on heat; stirring
until the butter melts
Remove the pan off the heat and mix in the flour until the flour is well incorporated,
then return back to low heat until it dries a little
Mix in the eggs one egg at a time while lightly mixing until the egg is no longer visible
Don’t over beat the eggs with the batter, because it will become runny and will puff in
volume enough

2- How to make Éclairs?

Heat the oven to 220 degrees C.
Place a parchment paper on a baking tray
Fill a piping bag with the Pate a Choux batter, use the tip No. 8
Squeeze the piping bag firmly but slowly over the parchment paper, moving slowly away
from the already squeezed batter until u make a 10 cm éclair, stop squeezing and pull
the piping bag up and towards the éclair in order to create a homogeneous looking
éclair from both sides
Place in the oven and turn it down to 200 degrees C.
Back for 40 – 45 minutes until golden and crunchy
Remove from oven and let them cool

3- How to make Crème Patissiere?

500 ml of whole milk
2 table spoons of vanilla extract
110 grams of egg yolk (almost 5 – 6 egg yolks)
90 grams of sugar
25 grams of butter
15 grams of flour
45 grams of corn flour

Add the milk, sugar, and vanilla in a cooking pot, place on high heat to boil
Add the egg yolks, flour, and corn flour in a bowl and mix well using a whisk
Add a ladle of the boiling milk to the egg yolk mix and mix well until tempered
Remove the cooking pot of the heat and add the mix slowly to it while whisking
Return to low heat and keep whisking until it boils and thickens
When the crème starts showing air bubbles, it is ready to remove from the heat
Remove from heat and add the butter
If it was not smooth enough and has egg lumps, place in a food processor and mix well

Note: If you want to make a chocolate filling instead, just add 200 grams of dark chocolate to the
crème after you remove it from the heat and mix until the chocolate completely melts.

4- How to fill the Éclairs?

Using the bottom of a wooden skewer carefully poke 3 holes in the upper side of the
éclairs (the side that is rounded not the side that is flat on the tray)
Carefully insert the wooden stick and try to push the inside in a way to create space for
the crème
Fill a piping bag with the crème patissiere using the tip No. 5
Place the tip of the bag in the hole and squeeze until it is full
Repeat with all holes

5- How to make the Chocolate Glazing?

500 ml of cream
300 grams of dark chocolate

Add the cream and chocolate in a sauce pan
Place on heat and stir until the chocolate melts and becomes a homogeneous creamy
chocolate mixture, then remove from heat

6- How to Glaze the Éclairs?

Hold the éclair in both hands from the sides with the flat side down
Dip the flat side of the éclair in the chocolate and remove
Place the éclair chocolate side up and wait for it to cool down


By Jad M. Rouhana
F&B Concept Developer