4 breathtaking hotel pools


Some hotel pools are more than just a place to swim. They are designed to make a dramatic impression and heighten the sensations you experience when you’re in the water. BelleBeirut chose some of the most amazing pools in the world in the hope a Lebanese hotel will soon do the same!

Intercontinental Dubai

At the InterContinental Festival City Hotel in Dubai, a transparent plexiglass section extends beyond the edge of the hotel building, overlooking the Dubai Skyline. The pool has a curved transparent bottom and people on the street are able to lookup and see swimmers overhead. Make sure your are wearing your finest swimwear.

Hilton Hotel, Auckland US

The pool at Hilton Hotel in Auckland has a similar design, except it has a solid bottom. The swimming pool is suspended between the two buildings that make up this dramatic hotel. There is also a viewing gallery underneath the pool so hotel guests can check out the action from below.

Joule Hotel, Dallas

The hanging pool on the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas, extends eight feet out and over the side of the building at the tenth-floor. The pool has a plexiglass wall at the end overlooking the street, so not only can swimmers look down at the city below but pedestrians can look up at the swimmers.

Adelphi Hotel

The rooftop pool at Adelphi hotel in Melbourne, Australia, has a glass bottom and cantilevers over Flinders Lane from 9 storeys up. The 25 metre, heated salt water pool offers a unique view of the streetscape below through the clear Perspex pool floor.