“Powerful Elegance” designed for some people – The all new INFINITI Q60 Coupe


Building on a legacy that started back in 2002 with the G35 Coupe, the all new INFINITI Q60 arrives in 2017 to epitomize the ethos set by an inspiring leader in the automotive industry.

“INFINITI is not about doing what everyone else is doing. It is not about copying traditional, conservative notions of luxury. We will not try to be all things to all people, but everything to some people”, famously reflected Carlos Ghosn, former Chairman and CEO of Renault–Nissan Alliance, the strategic partnership which INFINITI forms a part of.

The Q60 is a driver centric, passenger minded Coupe with powerful elegance and striking performance. The driver enjoys a totally in-control experience in the high-back, high-bolster seats that are newly-designed to lower the load on the spine and support the shoulders. The exterior’s flowing sculptural lines and strong, muscular proportions communicate dynamism, representing a daring visual expression of the car’s performance.

The INFINITI Q60 Red Sport 400 ensures that its speed and power are well felt with its 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine. Generating a staggering 400hp, the all-new Q60 engine is designed to offer enhanced performance while maintaining high levels of efficiency.

The steering wheel is sleeker and more performance based than ever, ensuring flawless drivability that triggers the senses. The driver gets to choose from seven personalized modes to customize steering performance according to their preferred driving style.

The Q60 delivers a confidence-inspiring and personalized experience behind the wheel, which epitomizes INFINITI’s dedication to developing new and innovative driving technologies. The Q60 is fully customizable through the Drive Mode Selector (DMS) – accessed through the 8-inch upper touchscreen. The system allows the drive mode to be selected from the following available options: ‘Standard’, ‘Snow’, ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’, ‘Sport+’ (new for certain models), and ‘Personal’.

Employing a signature INFINITI design cues to communicate unifying features such as the double-arch grille and the crescent-cut C-pillars – which arc forward and emphasize the car’s dynamic quality – the Q60 is instantly recognizable.

The deeper grille is inset from the body, communicating a stronger connection to the engine. LED headlights, employing ‘light guide technology’ to spread light evenly on the road ahead, are designed to emulate the shape of the human eye, providing an alluring ‘face’ to the car. The car’s aggressive stance gives a greater impression of stability and in-control driving potential, while its lower centre of gravity has a positive overall effect on driving dynamics.

The Q60 features newly-designed 19-inch aluminium alloy wheels as standard. The ‘Red Sport 400’ models – more performance-oriented versions of the car – have wider wheels and tires at the rear, contributing to a more aggressive stance while also improving handling and grip with a higher capacity for lateral G-forces. The wheel gaps – the spaces between tires and wheel arches – are tighter than ever, further lowering the visual volume of the car and giving it a low, powerful stance.

“Our ‘Powerful Elegance’ form language makes INFINITI vehicles instantly recognizable, but rather than applying constraints and limitations upon the artistry and creativity of design, it is constantly evolving to retain its fresh and contemporary edge – above all, Q60 brings this philosophy to life,” explained Alfonso Albaisa, former INFINITI Executive Design Director.
The incredible Studio on Wheels INFINITI audio system features three woofers that create an immersive experience with deep frequencies brought to life. Working with acoustic glass and noise cancelling technology, the system replicates the richness of live performances.

The Q60 is equipped with INFINITI’s InTouch advanced infotainment setup, allowing occupants to personalize the interior environment of the Q60 according to their preferences, and can store profiles for multiple drivers. InTouch is able to memorize more than 200 settings that the individual can program themselves.

The Q60 enables owners to access a Vehicle Health Report, providing a monthly overview of the car’s status regarding ABS, airbags, brakes, engine, oil pressure, and tire pressure. InTouch then alerts the driver if any action or servicing is required.

With safety a central concern, the Q60 is equipped with six airbags and includes safety technologies that actively protect people in and around the car. The comprehensive safety features offer the ultimate peace-of-mind, as hazard monitoring and avoidance systems significantly reduce risk of incidents.

The Q60 comes in 10 exterior colours including ‘Dynamic Sunstone Red’ and ‘Solar Mica’ that are completely new to the INFINITI range.