5 signs your boyfriend is cheating on you


Some might argue that love doesn’t make you blind, but we’re sure most of you have been through a horrible relationship in which you were convinced that what your friends were saying about your man wasn’t true, when in fact it was. Here are the 5 signs that your boyfriend is a cheater.

 1. His behavior changed over time

Ladies, men who don’t change the way they treat you after spending three years with you exist. It’s true they are a dying breed, but nonetheless they are not hard to find. So if your boyfriend belongs to the majority of guys whose personalities witness some sort of drastic changes a year or so into the relationship, then there’s something fishy about him. We’re not talking about the usual innocent changes, (burps, farts and the occasional nervous breakdown). Think more along the lines of small hints of dishonesty, disrespect towards you or your friends, constant arguing, forgetting your anniversary, unusual late nights at work. If your boyfriend never used to go out with his friends at nights out then suddenly starts to do so, its trouble. If he hates his work and hates doing overtime and then becomes a workaholic, sound the alarm.

 2. He’s not craving sex anymore

In general, men are the ones to ask for sex in a relationship more often than women. It is often a source of problems in a couple because guys are disappointed if they don’t get what they want at least once a week. If your boyfriend stops craving it or asking for it as often as he did, then he’s definitely getting it from somewhere else.

 3. He doesn’t want you anywhere near his male friends

A cheater often uses his friends as a cover up, most of the time they aren’t as meticulous and secretive about his life as he is. Unless he relies on one faithful childhood friend (who probably is also a cheater), it’s really easy to dig out any sort of information from his male bros’. Especially if one of them has a crush on you and is craving a break up between you too. A good cheater knows this and he will do all that he can to keep you away from his goofy friends who know about his secrets. Now you know where to dig.

 4. His mobile phone is “very clean”

A faithful man isn’t afraid of showing his woman a message sent by another woman on his phone. In fact men who are in relationships ( or married) are often seen as more attractive by other women and are therefore prone to receive a lot of messages from them. If you know your boyfriend has female friends yet you cannot find one message, BBM, Whatsapp message from them on his phone, then he is definitely hiding something.

 5. He has a new “favorite” pasttime

If your lazy, sloppy man all of a sudden becomes a bowling buff, a football addict or a Texas poker champion, you should do your best to find out about this new hobby. Unless he’s lucky enough to hit strikes all of the time, or memorize the names of the football player of Barcelona and Real Madrid or is making a lot of money from his poker bets. Then it’s really easy to detect a fake past time or hobby. He might be using it as an excuse to cheat.

There you have it, the five signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you. But remember, your heart is always the sure sign and proof that the one you love is being unfaithful. For some men, it is easy to cheat on a woman, but sometimes all it takes is one look in his eyes and you can find out all about his secret adventures.

Love always.

Image credits: Elektra luxx movie