6 tips to get over and move on quickly after a breakup


We’ve all been there! We loved or befriended people closely and we got our hearts broken one way or another. The difference between fast movers and others is that the formers know how to deal with their wounds, get over them and move on “fast”!

In this article, BelleBeirut will show you some of the methods that will allow you a smooth and fast transition between a relationship or close friendship and the next!

 1- Keep yourself busy:

A busy mind/body does not have the time to pose and dwell on a past relationship/friendship at all, since it can mainly focus on one activity at a time. So keep yourself busy, which will avoid memories from disturbing you.

 2- Rechannel your thinking:

Whenever you’re thinking of that friendship or relationship, try to shift your focus to the good times in it instead of the dark time or the breakup itself. Think of it in terms of a “fun” “value-added” episode in your life that has taught you a lot. Positive thinking can do a lot for your transition.

 3- Reduce the stimulators to their face value:

A perfume they gave you is just a perfume, use it and enjoy it. A good picture with them is a good picture for you, keep it and think of how good you look in it. A gift they gave you is just a gift, how many other gifts do you have? Tons! Reducing things to their face value and divorcing them from the emotional content is a good way to move on and have a small revenge on the side too!

 4- Avoid generalizations:

No, not all men are cheaters! Not all women are materialistic! And not all friends are backstabbers! Do not over-generalize your experience and allow it to interfer with your perception and judgment of other people and situations! Putting your experience in its limited percpective & tight frame will reduce its weight & allow you more openness in your next venture.

 5- Surround yourself with positivity:

Make it a point to go out to new fun places, to surround yourself with happy cheerful people and to keep your heart and mind open for any positive vibes! Besides pulling you from your depressive state, this will allow you to move on fast!

 6- Contructive revenge:

Find a new hobby, start on a new project and expand your social environment away from the people who are mutual friends with that person or in his/her social circle. Make professional and social success your ultimate aim; and before you know it, they will wish they’re still in your life!