7 ways to surprise him with a dream date


February is the month of love! More often than not, gentlemen are the ones thinking of how to set up that “perfect date”. This time, how about “you” surprise “him” with these all-boy dream dates.

 1- Boys and Their Toys:

He must have a favorite car in his mind! Rent it for him; have a take away dinner and well, go at it with some drifting!

 2- The Hunting Season:

Is he a big fan of hunting trips, or fire arms in general? Take him on a day hunting trip with some friends or to the club; followed by a romantic dinner!

 3- Mommy’s Dinner:

Stay at home, and pay attention to every single food he loves! Make him a dinner out of his only-favorite foods!

 4- The First Date, Again:

Recreate your first date all over again, in details!

 5-The Game:

His favorite team is playing on Valentine’s day? Why not having it all? Have a light dinner set up with tons of appetizers and play the game in the background; he’ll love you for not making him choose! If you can finish it wearing the team’s outfit, would be perfect!

 6- The Gamer:

Dating a geek? A gamer? Allow him to teach you his top favorite game before dinner; and give him a tech-related gift after it!

 7- The Ex:

(We hope you don’t have to try the last one)

Patricia I. Issa