8 easy ways to rekindle the romance during the holidays


It is the holidays season, otherwise known as “the universal-love annual period”. If you have been having stressful times lately and neglecting your significant other as a byproduct, or simply having a negative phase in your most valued relationship; this is the time of the year where the general ambiance will help you fix things.

We gathered a few ideas you can apply to rekindle the tender ambiance of your couple:

• Make and share Christmas plans together beforehand to stay in tune.
• Go Christmas shopping together.
• Make your Christmas gift a thoughtful one, one that says “I know you well” instead of “I can afford expensive luxuries”.
• Deliver your gifts in surprise forms or in streams of gifts, it’ll make you look like you’ve been putting some effort.
• Prepare a special one on one simple romantic dinner a night before or after those extravagant extended family festivities.
• Attend a Christmas Concert (carols) or classic Christmas theatre together as a nice bonding experience.
• Go on one on one dates before hitting the clubs or parties.
• Have a private cheese, chocolate and wine night together.

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team