8 Tips to seduce a man using Whatsapp and BBM


Phone texts, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and Whatsapp have changed the way the boy meets girl game is played. So ladies, here are a few tricks that can be useful to you while you’re trying to lure that guy you met last Saturday night in.

 Put up your best pictures on display:

Obviously! But beware of overly revealing pictures or extremely posy ones.

 Keep your display picture sociable and active:

You’re on the run, exercising, or having fun! Do not change it often either; it conveys that you are a busy person with an interesting schedule to go around.

 Do not change your availability status often:

Keep it at busy! Well at least this is what he should be thinking.

 Open opportunity window to chat by changing your display message into something debatable:

Keep it light, fun, brief and do not mention people in the message.

 Let HIM start the conversation:

Most often, but not always, it is important you show him you’re interested too.

 Keep the conversation fun and light:

Let the long heart to heart conversation for your next face to face meeting! And do not send long messages, you should be fun and brief.

 Shy away from the excessive use of emoticons:

Once every few messages is fine, 10 per message is too flirty.

 Conclude your conversations swiftly:

Do not drag with the goodbyes and goodnights.

And remember ladies, do not jump straight away to the next meeting! Take your time, make sure he’s interesting enough!

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team

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