8 Valentine gift ideas for him


Valentine is in a few days; and today, we’re giving the ladies some ideas about what to offer their significant other for this special day!

Away from extravagant “highly commercial” ideas, we’re going for “thoughtful personal gifts” this year! Here’s our favorite list:

1- Something relating to his hobby:

And if he has a hobby that you two fight about (i.e. Him not giving the attention when his team is playing), it gets even better. Give him something that’s related to his favorite hobby; equipment, DVDs, subscriptions, anything works!

2- They Love Chocolate Too:

Yes they do; but one box won’t do, they’re boys you know! Make them 5.

3- Pictures:

Definitely not of you two, that would be very cliche! Gather events, things and hobbies in his life that he particularly cherishes and make a huge collage in a nice frame. don’t forget his favorite engine and his favorite football team!

4- Random Gift Box:

A small (or a not-so-small) gift box that includes random small stuff he loves! Include a designer perfume to scale it up a little and a stuffed animal to keep it cute!

5- Customized Items:

These things never fail! And it could be anything from a tee to an iPhone case!

6- DVDs:

Get him the latest seasons of his favorite series! Amazing way to feed his potato couch nights!!

7- Amazing Boy Kitchen Equipment:

Pick something that prepares his favorite food in 10 minutes! He will love you for it, especially if he lives alone!

8- More Sports:

Sign him in for 6 months, into the hottest club in town or give him equipment he would love to have at home!

Happy Valentine!
Patricia I. Issa