How to treat premature ejaculation


Premature ejaculation (PE), early ejaculation or rapid ejaculation occurs when a man experiences an orgasm with minimal stimulation or rapidly after penetration. What are the remedies?

Experts have long debated the causes of Premature ejaculation, with many theories being suggested, however there is still no conclusive evidence on the subject.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, approximately 30% of men aged between 16 and 59 reported having experienced PE at least once during the twelve months before the survey.

In the Arab world, an online survey conducted in 2011 by the Global Online Sexuality Survey (GOSS) showed that a total of 82.6% Arab men reported various degrees of premature ejaculation in their lives.

Over the years, many treatments and remedies have been brought forward, ranging from mental exercises to medical interventions.

Before finding the proper solution for this problem, men should know which kind of premature ejaculation the suffer from, and whether or not they consider it as a problem.

There are some men who are actually satisfied with the time it takes them to orgasm, even though this time is less than the “normal” 4-5 minutes of sexual activity after penetration.

If a man ejaculates within 1 or 2 minutes after penetration he is usually suffering from a kind of PE, that may be controlled without any medication. When an adult man ejaculates before penetration, he is most probably suffering from a case of PE that requires medical intervention.

The treatments proposed here below are for the controllable cases of PE:


Your penis should be treated just like you would treat any muscle in your body. You should take care of it, and exercise, exercise, exercise.
That’s one kind of training men will would be excited about. You don’t need to hit the gym, and schedule a whole hour for this exercise.

You can even do it with your partner: Have intercourse as usual until you feel yourself coming uncomfortably close to orgasm. Immediately and abruptly cease all stimulation for 30 seconds, then start again. Repeat this pattern until you’re ready to ejaculate.

Or alone: Masturbate as usual until you feel like orgasm is seconds away. Abruptly stop other stimulation and gently squeeze your thumb and forefinger around the part of the penis where the glans meets the shaft. After squeezing for a few seconds, pause all stimulation for another 30 seconds before resuming intercourse. Repeat this pattern until you’re ready to ejaculate.

 Take it easy

It might seem ridiculous, but it works. When having sex with your partner, slow down the process. Take your time, don’t rush to penetration. This will help your partner reach the same level of arousal as you, and bring her closer to orgasm as well.

 Wear a condom

Again, another simple solution: condoms. They are notorious for reducing stimulation for most men, which should prolong the time before ejaculation.

 Change your thoughts

During intercourse, thinking about sports, work, and other random things might help you delay ejaculation. This works especially when you’re having sex in the doggy style position, because there is no eye contact with your partner. (You don’t want to be thinking about football when having sex with her and looking her in the eyes).

If you’re not a fan of this position, there is another remedy. Change positions! And while you’re at it, avoid stimulating positions such as the missionary.

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