Is online flirting cheating?


Social media has had a very positive impact on relationships but it does have a downside. It’s now easier for men and women to flirt outside their own relationship thus creating more problems with their significant others. But does this count as cheating?

If your boyfriend is snooping around and stalking the Facebook profiles of his exes, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is cheating. He may just be curious, aren’t you? But when does it count as being unfaithful then?

1- If he’s secretive about it

If he’s deleting his emails and his Facebook messages that’s a red flag. Because by deleting them, he’s guessing there’s something wrong or he’s just covering up his unfaithful conversations.

2- If it has a sexual agenda

Any man can have a regular online conversation with another woman that is not his wife or his girlfriend. But if it becomes sexual in nature, then that’s definitely unusual. If the communications consist of subtle sexual overtones, watch out.

3- If it’s time consuming

If you notice your man is spending considerable amount chatting and texting with another woman, than your relationship is in dangerous waters. In some cases spending two hours every night on Facebook chatting with an online buddy is more time than he would be spending with you if you both have regular jobs.

4- If you don’t like it

If you happen to notice that he is flirting online with another woman and you explicitly inform him that you don’t like what he is doing then it counts as cheating if he continues doing it behind your back.

5- If it is meeting his needs

If your man is sharing intimate sentiments with another woman online or if his intimacy needs are being met in an online relationship that you don’t know about (think cybersex, phone sex, sexting or nude webcam chat) than this definitely counts as cheating.