Spice up your relationship: How to get his attention back


Just as every lady out there, you know that relationships fall into periods of routine. But worst of all, are these lapses and moments when “he” is not giving you the attention you need.

The truth is, men do not always understand the need for attention and care women have, and women on the other hand tend to ask for their man’s attention in ways that leave them look clingy and desperate, and are more repelling to men than apt of achieving their aim.

Here are some subtle methods you can use to get your man’s attention back without looking needy and over emotional.

 Reduce contact:

If he is already yours, do not make the mistake of ignoring him when he contacts you; but you should cut back on the times you initiate contact.

 Seem busier:

Being less available (gradually, not overnight) will make him wonder and he will want to contact you more and secure more time with you.

 Get active:

Hit the gym, sign in into classes of dance cooking or arts, volunteer. Just fill your time with something that will make him realize you’re spending a good time without him.

 Get out, on the town with your friends:

And yes without him, show him that you have your own social life that’s independent and more interesting than his. It’ll compel him to seek more shared outings with you.

 Get all glamed up and dolled up:

On your outings without him, and make sure he knows about it through pictures and other means; jealousy will start sinking in.

 Get other people’s attention:

Show him that you’ve got all the social / men’s attention you want; but beware of provoking over-jealousy or doubt.

 Reassure him of your loyalty

Whatever you do, don’t push these measures excessively; what you want is his attention not his doubts or anger. You’re in for more care o his part, so make yourself look worthy and independent without making him run destructive uncertainty.

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team