Top 10 turn-offs for men and women on a first date


BelleBeirut helps you prepare your first date by listing the top ten turn-offs for men and women on this special occasion.

The first date is always a challenge for both men and women, everything should be perfect, every small detail should be worked out at least two days before the big day.

This is why you should definitely be aware of the major turn-offs before going on your date.

 1- Flatulence

We all know men are much more prone to commit this crime, flatulence is a definite red line for both sexes. Unless you’re sick or become sick during the date DO NOT we repeat DO NOT do it in front of him/her. Go to the bathroom, hide in the kitchen, do whatever you have to do to prevent such a catastrophe.

 2- Belching

Okay men, belching is a macho thing and it works with your buddies. However, it is a major no-no when you’re with a sweet and classy lady. As for the ladies, don’t even think about it!

 3- Bad breath

“No smint, nos kiss!” This line from the Smint ad should be your first date motto. Guys, if you go on a date right after eating garlic consider yourself dumped before even arriving to the rendez-vous. Girls, you just might get away with bad breath if your date happens to be paying more attention to your breasts than to what is coming out of your mouth. But then again, this will help you realize that your date is a complete a**hole.

 4- Body odor

Bad body odor means you’re not taking your bath. If you’re not taking your bath, it means you don’t care about your hygiene. If you don’t care about you’re hygiene, it means you’re a reckless, dirty, disgusting person (that’s how your date will be thinking when they smell your bad body odor).

 5- Missing teeth

Well let’s just say that missing teeth are a nightmare for both men and women. Guys, unless you just came out of a violent fight during which you were protecting the love of your life from an attack by ten terrorists, then there is absolutely no excuse for missing teeth in your mouth. Girls, unless you just had a fight with your violent best friend, showing your missing teeth is an absolute no-no. Do not, we repeat do not, open your mouth during a date if you must show up with missing teeth.

 6- Raggedy nails

As long as your nails haven’t been torn off or you don’t spend your time biting them off, it is okay for a guy not to take too much care of his nails.
As for girls, raggedy and messy nails are a complete turn off for guys. If you don’t like nail polish, just try to keep them as clean as possible. A lady’s hands are very important for a guy.

 7- Dandruff

Anti-dandruff shampoo! Use it! Use it! Dandruff is a really big STOP sign for women. So guys, do your best to take care of your hair and keep it neat. Same goes for the ladies, your hair is a central part of your beauty, when it is messy or dirty, a guy just might pick up the wrong signs about you. We wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?

 8- Man boobs

Guys, you might love eating and have no complexes whatsoever about your weight. For some women, this might not be a problem as long as you have a nice personality and as long as you take (a minimum) care of yourself (grooming etc…). Having larger breasts than your date however is a red light. It is a big turn off especially for women who have small breasts.
Ladies, we all know how much men fantasize about your breasts, but you should know that there is NOTHING wrong with having small breasts. (Just make sure you squeeze in a couple of tissues;)).

 9- Acne

Acne is not a big turn off, unless you’ve got some major headlights installed on your face. Most women know hot to deal with this problem and have the right “tools” to hide them.
It’s a little more difficult for guys, who should at least go see a doctor or a dermatologist before the first date.

 10- Feet odor

Smelly feet are just horrible. Guys if you don’t change your socks or wash your feet then forget your first date. You might as well go out with a skunk.
Ladies, some guys fantasize about your feet, and if they happen to take a peek during the date and get hit by a storm of smelly feet, they might just disappear during the date.