What NOT to buy her for Valentine’s day


Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Most of the men out there have already made up their minds with regards to their special gift, lets just hope it’s not one of these.


Flowers would do any other day. So if your man usually brings you red roses on any occasion you should let him know that unless a diamond ring is hidden inside the bouquet, he should be thinking about another gift!

 Plushie or stuffed toys

They are cute when you’re 16 for a month or so. Period.


This gift has become a cliche and men even consider it as a ticket for some fun in the bedroom. Well they shouldn’t buy their way into your pants, they should be earning it! Does he really think buying a red thong with a see through bra is an honest and romantic way to express his feelings?

Guys, it shouldn’t be that complicated! Just use your creativity and your heart! You surely know what your lady loves and lusts for whenever you two are out shopping together. It shouldn’t be that hard;)