What turns (Lebanese) men on?

(Photo via emmagem.com)

So you’ve met the guy of your dreams and you’re panicking. You usually know how to handle men, but this guy is driving you out of your mind? Don’t worry, BelleBeirut’s here for you!

Think classy, not just racy

Lebanese men expect their “belles” to be fashionable, classy and sexy at the same time in public. You have to know what to wear and when to wear it. So if you’re out on a date with him, always opt for a classy dress that does not reveal a lot of skin. When he visualizes what’s underneath with his mind instead of his eyes, he will be building up so much excitement that by the time you guys are alone in your room, he definitely will not be able to resist you.

Make him feel wanted

Whether you’ve been together for a week or a decade, Lebanese men love it when you show your (and his) friends that he’s the most important person in your life. Talk about him in front of your friends while maintaining eye contact and a wide smile. Talk to him and seduce him with your words even when you guys are alone. This is a sure way to “light his fire” and make him want you more.

Perfume, perfume, perfume

Even if we repeat this word a thousand times, it wouldn’t be enough. Your smell is a definite turn on as long as you choose your perfumes wisely. After all, humans and especially men act on instincts. If your smell stimulates his senses, he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you, his eyes away from you, his lips away from yours and his ears yearning for your voice.

Be smart and funny

Lebanese men love it when their woman is a challenge, when she’s not easy even though they know she’s under their charm. If he’s into politics, show him you know a thing or two about it (we’re in Lebanon, after all); if he talks football joke about how much Cristiano Ronaldo’s abs are a turn on (make sure you do not intimidate him). Steal the limelight (every once in a while), this way he will be so proud the star chose him.

Cook him a delicious dinner

If you’re not a natural in the kitchen, cooking him dinner will both be a surprise and a turn on. Men love it when their belles take care of them (don’t over do it… once a week is enough for now ;)), especially if they usually return the favor. A romantic dinner, prepared by none other than the woman of his dream is the perfect recipe to turn him on and drive him nuts!