What’s the sexiest thing to say in bed?


Intimacy is one of the most important factors in a relationship. This is why it should always be done right, which means for men it shouldn’t be all about sex and for women it shouldn’t be all about emotions, this is why sexy words are important.

There is a difference between “talking dirty” to your man when you’re in bed with him and actually expressing what you feel when you’re being intimate with him.
Sure, moaning and screaming his name will definitely blow him away but that works only for one night stands, so what should you be whispering in his ears when your bodies are doing all the talking?

 “I love you”

Not surprised aren’t you? You usually say those three magic words when you’re with him in public, over the phone or by e-mail; well try saying it in bed for a change. Hold him tight, look him in the eyes and utter those words and let your bodies do the rest of the talking. The impact should be mind blowing, because you are actually doing what you are whispering (so you really mean what you are saying).

 “I’m coming”

There is nothing more satisfying for a man than to pleasure his own woman. Sure, he should be able to know by now when you “get there” but imagine how amazing it would be if you would just say it! It makes a whole lot of difference for him and it encourages him to always do his best to hear this word again.

There you have it, the two sexiest things to say in bed, just remember silence isn’t also a bad thing. Your body has its own ways of expressing itself when you’re making love to your man, but that’s another subject we’ll deal with later.

Until then!