Film Ktir Kbeer (Very Big Shot): A wake-up call to all the nation


It’s not everyday that you can find a movie that discusses most of our society’s twisted standards. Very Big Shot is one of these rare movies.

Lebanese society holds onto the most complex way of living. From religious judgments to political stunts, Lebanon is used to it all.

VERY BIG SHOT فيلم كتير كبير – succeeded in conveying the idea of this corrupt society through a subtle story that consists of a wake-up call to all the nation. The construction of the movie allows many vices to pop-up without causing an obvious criticism.

The plot revolves around a drug smuggling that carries along with it three brothers: Ziad, Jad and Joe. Ziad, being the most involved in the traffic, comes up with an unusual idea to get rid of the illicit substance and escape the dealer Abu Ali and his team.

The reality of the movie is what makes it powerful. The situation is accurate to the point where everyone is invited to watch it, to witness the shameful mind games politicians (or rather criminals) implant on people.

The seriousness of the plot is softened by moments of laughter allowing the viewer to breathe in before the intense contemplation continues.

The movie builds up to the final scene smoothly. The finale is shocking as well as satisfying. It will leave you smiling, thinking and understanding.

Overall, the film is revolutionary. It allows you to reflect over Lebanon’s flaws and loopholes. It makes you think.