Homefront: your usual Jason Statham action


In Homefront, Jason Statham plays a DEA agent who leaves his job for a quiet country life with his daughter, however his work related problems don’t take too long to drag him back to his hectic life.

It’s your usual action packed Jason Statham movie, the actor who has become famous for his bold look, crazy martial arts skills and almost silent characters.

The storyline is quite solid, however the movie is a bit too long and boring at times. Statham’s character isn’t really social, which makes the scenes were he interacts with people really dull. Furthermore, much of the action is cut too fast and blurry to tell exactly what’s happening.

Statham however, (always) shows us some cool moves and satisfying punches to characters who really deserve a beating.

Halfway through the movie though, the ending is clear. Nothing about the story or the direction is special, you know Statham will be killing the bad guy and saving the day.

Acting wise, Jason Statham’s daughter, played by the talented young actress Izabela Vidvic, gives an amazing performance, so do Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder who really give the movie a much needed boost.

All in all, Homefront will definitely please the male viewers, and the woman who are looking for some adrenaline boosting action movie.