J. Edgar: Clint Eastwood at his best


J.Edgar Hoover, director of the F.B.I. for over 40 years was without a doubt one of the United State’s most powerful, feared and enigmatic men, shaking America’s justice and investigative system to it’s core. He was also of the nation’s most hated figures, being involved in scandals, blackmail, unlawful use of the F.B.I’s powers, and homosexual allegations.

BelleBeirut’s rating: ☼☼☼☼

Clint Eastwood not only delivers a brilliant movie, but does justice to a larger than life character like J.Edgar Hoover. Choosing to have an older Hoover narrate the story shows Eastwood’s unbiased position, for while the story is told through Hoover’s perspective, there is always room for reasonable doubt, and even though we sympathize with the character, we never fully agree with what he does, or fully believe what he says. And there lies the genius in Eastwood’s direction.

Leonardo Dicaprio signs an incredible performance, taking character acting to another level, he is both a young an old J.Edgar Hoover, and why the Academy still doesn’t give him the credit he deserves is beyond me. The rest of the cast is top notch, especially Judy Dench as Hoover’s mother.

The only problem I have with this movie is it’s running time, towards the end it dragged a bit too much, but this is something I’m willing to forgive Mr Eastwood for.

If you are looking for a well documented, beautifully acted, wonderfully directed movie, then look no further.

By Edwin Harb-Kadri

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