Sideways : one of the most heartbreaking comedies ever made


Wine, love, friendship, heartbreak, adventure, hope… Those are the themes that make up “Sideways” one of the most heartbreaking comedies ever made.

In Sideways, we follow two longtime friends, Miles and Jack, who decide to go on a wine tasting weekend across wine country in California as a “bachelor party” for Jack’s upcoming wedding.

Miles is a struggling writer who’s been depressed for three years ever since his wife left him. He’s also a wine connoisseur and a very talented orator. As well as being neurotic.

Jack on the other hand is laid back, optimistic, takes life as it comes. As well as not being too bright.
On their journey, the two protagonists will encounter wine, golf, fine dining, more wine. But also broken noses, angry naked men, heartbreak. As well as closure, hope, and Love. And maybe some more wine.

Directed by Alexander Payne (About Shcmidt, The Descendants) this beautiful movie is held together by a terrific cast. But the standout is Paul Giamatti as Miles. He delivers an unforgettable power house performance, and twenty minutes into the movie, you know that Miles is going to be one of those characters that you take with you by the time the credits have rolled.

Watch it with friends over a couple of wine bottles.
Watch it alone, you’ll end up thinking about your life.
Watch it with the one you love, you’ll end up cherishing him/her more.

Click-here to check out “Sideways” on Imdb.

Edwin Harb Kadri