Another parody of Myriam Klink’s Antar


Weeks after it’s release on Youtube, Myriam Klink’s song “Antar” is still the talk of the town and the (Lebanese) media. Several funny videos have emerged about “Antar”, but this one is the first of its kind!

The parody was posted on Youtube by “LebaneseFunFactory” on June 22. It is one of the first, if not only, of the many “Hitler parodies” to feature a Lebanese celebrity.

Hitler Parodies are taken from the movie “Downfall”, released in 2004. One scene in the film, in which the dictator launches into a furious tirade upon finally realizing that the war is truly lost, has since become the best known “internet memes” around.

“In the original movie, the climax for many viewers might be the moment in the bunker when Hitler is told of the failure of General Felix Steiner to gather enough troops for an attack to ward off the Soviet advance on Berlin.

In this three-minute, 50 second scene, Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, plunges between frothing vitriol and terrifying suppressed emotion as he confronts his top generals. The rest of the staff, standing in the corridor outside, listen rapt to the exchange.

But the parody makers have taken this clip, put it through a programme like Movie Maker or iMovie, and added their own subtitles, synced as closely as possible to the audio”, according to BBC News.

Thanks to these videos, Hitler can be angry because Germany lost to Spain or because Kim Kardashian divorced. Or that Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at an awards show.

On the same day of the release of this parody, the Lebanese model announced that she will perform a duet of her song with a “famous” Arab singer… beware Stalin!

Featured image is taken from Myriam Klink’s Facebook Page.