Around the world with Myriam Fares


Lebanese singer Myriam Fares tweeted lovely pictures of her vacation in Europe and Dubaï last week.

The Lebanese celebrity, who was voted best and most popular performer of the year, started her vacation in Paris, France. The diva attended the “spectacular” Lido show, located at the Champs Elysee in the French capital.

Myriam then traveled to the Netherlands where she spent a wonderful time in the amazing city of Amsterdam.

Then the Lebanese beauty went back to Paris and enjoyed a last day of fun in the romantic city of Paris.

The singer then headed back to her country, before traveling once again to Dubaï, a beautiful city especially at night.

Myriam Fares, who was chosen as the Google Ambassador in the region, allowed her fans to enjoy her vacation with her. Thousands of them let her know how amazing the places she visited were by posting on her Facebook page, and replying to her tweets.

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