Elissa releases her new album “Halet Hob”


Lebanese singer Elissa released her new all-pink album titled “Halet Hob”, one of the most anticipated releases of the year, which came just in time for the holidays.

Whenever she releases a new album, Elissa makes sure it’s going to be a huge success, and this time is no different. “Halet Hob” (A State of Love) is already the talk of the town.

"Halat Hobb"'s all-pink artwork
“Halat Hobb”‘s all-pink artwork

The album, which was also released on iTunes and Amazon, immediately shot to the top of the charts across several Arab countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and many others. “Halet Hob” also achieved impressive results on the European and American charts.

Elissa, who is known for her romantic love songs, does not disappoint in this new album. “Halet Hob” is made of 14 amazing love songs: “Hobb Kol Hayati (Love of all my life), Halet Hob (A State of Love), Ya Mrayti (My Mirror), Hilwa Ya Baladi (My beautiful country), Battli Thebbi (Stop loving), Kad al-Ayam (As the days), Insana Bari’a (Innocent human), Wajja’et Kalbi (You hurt my heart), Ana Majnouna (I am crazy), Bi Roghm El-Zourouf (In spite of the circumstances), Omr Jdeed (New age), Ana Nafsi (I am myself), Law Takabalna (If we met), Awal Marra (The first time).

Listen to Kadd al-Ayam

So download the album on iTunes, or listen to some of the songs on Youtube. It’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with your partner all over again!