How did Lebanon mourn the death of Whitney Houston?


Legendary singer and pop queen Whitney Houston died on Saturday February 11th at age 48. Her fans and the entire music world mourned her death on the eve of the Grammy awards which will become a tribute to her life.

Whitney Houston had a large fan base in the world and in Lebanon as well. Her songs are regularly featured on Lebanese radio stations, especially around Valentine’s day.

The official cause of the diva’s death has not yet been announced. According to rumors, the singer reportedly drowned in her own bathtub. Houston has had a history of drug use, with critics linking the decline of her career to her addictions.

Foxnews mentionned the reactions of different stars to the pop queen’s death. “Houston’s death on the eve of the Grammy Awards sent shock waves through the music industry, with many stars expressing shock and sadness. Her ex-husband, Bobby Brown reportedly broke down back stage before a show with his band New Edition in Southhaven, a few miles south of Memphis. Her longtime mentor Clive Davis held his annual concert and dinner Saturday at the hotel where her body was found. Producer Jimmy Jam, who had worked with Houston, said he anticipated the evening would become a tribute to her. Aretha Franklin, her godmother, also said she was stunned.”

The diva is survived by one daughter and immortalized by her amazing voice and songs.